In this blog are some of my thoughts on programming. My goal here is for you, the reader, to rapidly acquire some insights which took me a long time to achieve - and as an added benefit, to gain a better grasp of these notions myself, by putting them into words.

About me

My name is Valentin Waeselynck, I'm a French engineer specialized in sofware programming.

I started programming when I was 14, starting in the exotic domain of artificial life systems. Since then, I've been fortunate enough to tackle a broad range of problems with a wide variety of technologies and approaches, building modern web applications, data processing pipelines, data analysis algorithms, custom search/query engines and various programming tools for supporting this work.

Lately, I have specialized in the Clojure programming language and Datomic database, and more generally in reactive and data-centric architectures for information systems. I have made a few open-source contributions in these areas, in the form of some libraries and the official Clojure REPL guide.

Some creations:

  • a website presenting the use of logarithmic representations for considering reductions of GHG emissions. Source code (ClojureScript, Vega, Vega-lite).
  • m12: an environment for experimenting a 12-digits notation for Western music. Source code (ClojureScript)
  • reddit-bots.patience: a Reddit bot for moderating a sub (such as r/patient_hackernews) so that immediate replies immediate replies are impossible, in the hope of fostering thoughtful discussion. (Clojure)

You may find me on the web in a few places:

Aside from programming, I enjoy mathematics, climbing mountains, and playing music.


I'm available for software engineering consulting engagements (only remote at present).

More precisely, my contribution may take some of the following forms:

  • high-level software development (in various settings, which you could label as "fullstack" / "frontend" / "backend" / "devops" / ...),
  • scientific programming (e.g Data Science / Machine Learning / Data Mining)
  • software architecture,
  • training,
  • "production-izing algorithms", e.g bridging the gap between an R&D department and an IT department.

If you think I may be useful to your project, please contact me.